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Junk Removal in the Coachella Valley

Are you tired of living with Junk and Clutter in your home or business?

Do you have piles of unwanted items taking up much needed space?

Call Junk X, the leading junk removal company in the Coachella Valley. Our team provides professional, efficient, reliable, and affordable junk removal services for both residential and commercial properties. Our day to day jobs range anywhere from old furniture and appliances to construction debris and material delivery.

Why choose Junk X?

1. We take pride in providing the best possible junk removal service in the Coachella Valley. Our team will do all the heavy lifting, hauling, disposal and clean-up for you, making the junk removal process easy and stress-free. We will ensure the safe removal of your junk, protecting you and your property from accidents or damages.

2. Junk X places a strong emphasis on eco-friendly disposal practices. Our team is dedicated to sorting through your junk to find items that can be recycled or donated, ultimately reducing waste and contributing to a healthier environment.

3. Our Services are affordable and reasonable. We provide upfront estimates for all of our junk removal needs, which means that there is no surprises.

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our mission: to provide the best possible service in the coachella valley junk removal industry.


Avoid injury

We are the set of helping hands that take the load off your shoulders so that you can focus on the things most important to you. Just sit back, relax and let us take care of the heavy lifting.


Save you time

Why spend your entire day going to rent a truck, loading it and going to the landfill. Let our team and equipment, help you save time for what really matters.


More space

With a cozy home comes a clear mind. We will help you organize your home by taking the junk and rearranging any necessary items.

Services We Provide in the Coachella Valley

Full Service Cleanout

- Junk Removal
- Furniture Removal
- Appliance Removal
- Complete House Cleanout

Do you have excess clutter in your home? We are ready to remove all unwanted items that have affected the functionality of your home.

Construction Projects

- Material Delivery
- Construction Debris Removal
- Demolition
- Shed Removal

Let us take care of the heavy lifting by delivering material to your job site or hauling away Construction Debris.

Investment Properties

- Hoarder Cleanout
- Previous Tenant Cleanout
- Basement Cleanout
- Single item pickups

When it comes to investment properties, time and cleanliness are the main priority. Let us help you speed up the cleaning process so you can reduce your vacancy periods, and maximize profits.

1. How to hire a Junk Removal Professional near you

If you live in Palm Desert and are in need of junk removal, call or text us any day of the week. We are available Sunday-Saturday.

Any job, big or small, we are here to help. The services we provide can be as simple as delivering material to job-sites or even doing a one item pickup.

Some of our bigger jobs consist of helping homeowners with a full house Clean-out, due to evictions or left over junk that needs to be removed before move in day.

2. Tell us about your junk

We are happy to provide with a free estimate. Simply give us a description of the job such as:

- Address of property
- Description of Junk
- Where on property it is located
- When you will need the service

Simply send us a picture of the items you would like to have removed and give us a brief description of where they are located on the property.

3. Book your Appointment

Let us help you take the load off your shoulders.
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Josef felts
"Carlos and his team were fantastic. Upfront pricing and great communication. Professional and did exactly what they said they would. Which was much appreciated."
Chris Ingram
"Showed up same day. Reasonable prices and quality work. They even raked up leaves on patio I had them move junk from. I would recommend to anyone. Well done guys!!!!"
Danielle D
"I highly suggest this small business, they were so helpful and understanding and I appreciate their hard work, very hard working guys, and I'd definitely will be calling them for future business. When I let my dogs out to go potty, they wanted to say hi to these awesome guys, and they were so friendly and loving towards my dogs and I appreciate them also for that.

They're so friendly and nice to talk to, they did an amazing job, and my mom is very happy at the outcome. Thank you guys for everything!"

Meet the Team

Carlos Jimenez

Carlos Jimenez

Carlos Jimenez has extensive experience in construction, working on demolition and home renovation projects. He has now ventured off and is the proud owner of Junk X, a locally owned junk removal company that is being operated with his brother Chris Jimenez. Today, JunkX works hand in hand with construction companies, plumbers, Real Estate Agents, commercial property owners, and homeowners throughout the Coachella Valley.

Chris Jimenez

Chris Jimenez

Meet Chris, the other proud owner of Junk X Hauling Services in the Coachella Valley. He decided to partner up with his brother Carlos Jimenez early 2022 with the goal of growing the family business by using his customer service skills, construction experience and knowledge in marketing. "After helping my brother with a few jobs, I realized that there is a big demand for our type of work and that everyone we help is always so grateful. I am glad to have partnered up with my brother because he has a great work ethic and I know I can count on him."

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